Trio of Bruschetta€4.50
Tomato salsa with garlic, olives, capers & basil pesto, garilc bread with melted cheese & black olive tapenade.  
Local Fried Goat’s Cheese€6.50
Breaded local goat cheese garnished with a green salad 
Crispy pizza dough cooked to perfection with herb butter + sprinkled with grana shavings 
Octopus in Garlic€8.50
Garnished with a green salad, served with a toasted garlic bread 
Mushrooms in Garlic€5.25
Served with a side green salad, salsa verde + garlic bread 
Plum tomato and bufala mozzarella salad with rocket, fresh basil + extra virgin olive oil  
Prawn Bisque Soup€6.90
Freshly prepared Soup of the Day€6.25