Gluten free pasta is also available   
Penne Della Casa€7.50€8.95 
With fried aubergine, a hint of chilli, tomato sauce and pecorino romano cheese   
Chicken Tagliatelle€8.00€10.50 
Fresh pasta served with diced chicken, mushrooms, pine nuts + parmesan cream    
Prawn Tortelloni€10.00€12.95 
Lobster, prawns & mascarpone cheese stuffed tortelloni tossed in our famous shrimp bisque   
Spaghetti Rabbit€8.50€11.25 
Slow cooked rabbit stew with peas, carrots, red wine and tomato sauce   
Penne Octopus €10.00€12.95 
Slow cooked octopus in a tomato sauce with capers, olives, tomato, white wine & fresh herbs    
Linguini Vongole€11.25€13.95 
White clams pan fried with cherry tomatoes, marjoram, basil, garlic, olive oil & white wine   
Spaghetti Nero di Seppia€12.50€14.50 
Fresh Calamari pan fried in garlic butter, marjoram, basil, flamed with sambuca tossed in fresh squid ink & finished with a touch of cream    
Risotto Mushroom€8.50€10.95 
Carnaroli rice with mixed mushroom and parmesan cheese   
Risotto Seafood€10.25€13.50 
Mixed seafood, saffron, fennel, peas, basil & a touch of pernod