Grilled Rib-eye€24.00
New York BBQ steak €23.50
The New York strip steak is a cut of beef from the short loin. A rich and juicy steak marinated + basted in our BBQ sauce 
Beef Fillet    €26.00

Tagliata di Manzo


Medium grilled strip loin served on a bed of rucola with pine nuts, grana shavings + finished with balsamic + marjoram vinaigrette dressing. Served with a choice of roast potatoes or fries.

BBQ Ribs€17.00
Rack of ribs, glazed in our special BBQ Jack Daniels sauce 
Chicken Balantine€16.50
Chicken high tigh stuffed with ricotta and spinach, wrapped in parma ham on a bed of mushroom sauce 
Char Grilled Chicken Breast€15.95
Char grilled chicken breast cooked with seasoned herb oil + served with mushroom sauce on the side 
‘Fenek’ €13.95
Rabbit cooked the local way. Simply pan fried garlic, onions, cooked in white wine. 
‘Cargo’ 100% Pure Beef Burger€11.95
Topped with grilled bacon, onion rings, cheese, mayo, salad & fries 
With the exception of the Cargo Burger, all the above dishes are served with seasonal vegetables and a choice of Roasted Potatoes or Fries.